The 1970s…Suburbia…Music…Film…Pop Culture…Sports…Drugs…Peer Pressure…Politics…Pathetic School Crushes…and a Whole Lotta Rock & Roll!

On the eve of his sixth grade year at the Cypress Elementary School, Eugene Devine flashes back to early childhood, and all of the traumatizing absurdities that have made him into the shy, timid and neurotic kid that he has become.  Caught between fear and the increasing need to be cool, Eugene sketches his encounters with the friends, villains and outlandish characters of the small suburban town of Oakwoods during the 1970s.  Inspired by the author’s memories of growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey, THE LOCKER NOTES is written in the tradition of The Wonder Years and A Christmas Story.   It is suburban life before the Internet, video games, cell phones and social media.  Depicting the paranoia of an overprotected child all too aware of the “bad kids,” THE LOCKER NOTES unfolds before the backdrop of the music, movies, television, fashion, sports, politics and world events of the Seventies…all seen through the eyes of a child during simpler yet turbulent times that are marked by an ever-present sense that something inevitably horrible is just around the corner.  THE LOCKER NOTES… EVERY GENERATION LIVES AT THE END OF THE WORLD