A Tale of Two Podcasts

So with this entry, I’m re-establishing a connection to this blog page that I reluctantly opened a little over a year ago, simply to store some random ideas and writings I’ve had lying around, mostly pertaining to (but not limited to) music.  It was originally not intended to be seen, read, or accumulate followers.   The backlog of writings is old, yet there really isn’t that much.  Maybe four or five previous entries?  It’s obvious I started to dig through old writings, found a few, posted them, and then lost interest.  Anyway, I am extremely opinionated, often to a fault, but usually refrain from putting it down into writing…opting instead to argue and debate face to face in person, all things music, art, literature and film so extensively that I decided to put together a podcast.  The podcast is called Rock Under Fire, and focuses on rock music while all those other fun topics are left, neglected, and deprived of my attention.  At least publicly.  The music podcast is fun and has been going on for a little over a month now.  I have two co-hosts, Pat and Stick.  It’s been trial and error, as each episode has been a learning experience in the art of editing and mixing with audio software, and stumbling into various things previously unknown in my life such as compression, volume amplification, equalization, high and low filters, and turning knobs on mixers.  Very dry boring stuff.  Things I otherwise wouldn’t be doing on my own without this podcast.

Funny thing is, in the months it took to put Rock Under Fire together, I ended up recording an entire 14-episode podcast series on my own…before Rock Under Fire even recorded its test episode.  That podcast, The Locker Notes, an overly glamorous audio version of an unpublished novel I wrote ten years ago (also called The Locker Notes), will most likely see troubling days ahead, and unfortunately not see the light of day any time soon, due to the massive quantity of music I’ve used that is unlicensed.  To pay the astronomical cost of licensing and publishing on these songs is an impossibility, and have therefor decided to hold off on public release of this thing. Some friends have suggested taking the music out of the background or using nondescript/original/ incidental music that I don’t have to pay for.  However, the music makes the series what it is, and becomes part of the art.  The few friends who have heard The Locker Notes in its entirety now know what I’m talking about, and agree with me.  So in the meantime, I’m editing the final episodes while trying to figure out how to get this thing to the public while keeping the music,  and not getting any shit for it in the form of being pulled off the Internet or hit with “cease & desist” letters up my ass from all angles.  Give or take, there are a good 40 bands and artists involved.

Since then, Rock Under Fire has gotten off the ground and has given me lots of time to think about a number of topics that I wouldn’t otherwise spend too much time thinking about in that much detail at any one given instance.  Usually, these thoughts, ideas and opinions come and go…but with the addition of the music podcast where we know we have a particular subject coming up and spend the week brushing up, researching, gathering facts, numbers and just overall prepping, these thoughts stay in my head for a much more prolonged period of time now…so much, that the excess runoff that doesn’t make it out of my mouth during any given show has to fall somewhere…and it’s a fucking drag when it spills on the floor or the ground and I end up stepping in it.  And pity the poor bastard who’s not me and ends up stepping in it. So I have therefor reopened this blog as a holding cell for those excess thoughts.  To be continued, I’m sure.

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