Random Thoughts in Review

As I gather notes for future podcast episodes that I’m currently outlining, we’re coming to the end of a three week break in recording, getting ready for our next batch of shows, and finally getting the website together.  Aside from the technical end that I previously expressed is not very fun, I’m contemplating the other little things I’ve learned from the first five episodes.  And it’s not even that I’ve “learned” them.  I’ve always known these little minuscule turdlike facts, but now that they’ve finally come to the surface in the form of little podcast rants, let us recap:

  1. Michael Jackson, as talented as he was, was not even a fraction of the talent that Prince was.  Prince from beginning to the end, was an artist still in evolution still pushing the boundaries, moving forward, and never content to look back.  He always left you with the sense that he still had masterpieces in him.  Michael Jackson, much more a performer than creative artist, was never as good as when he had Quincy Jones holding his hand.  Once Quincy was no longer involved, it became a downward desperate struggle to gather interest in any new release from the mid 90s onward.
  2. I see Blink 182 as the culprits for that sing-songy style of whiny wimpy male vocals that began in the late 90s when rock music had its testicles cut off and its rock stars were replaced with safe and friendly faces who you couldn’t tell apart from a college frat house crowd or mannequins in a shopping mall.
  3. There are four contributing elements to the downfall of rock and roll.  1.) the cessation of label A&R guys from signing rock talent, opting for hip hop artists, thus marking the end of rock music as a mainstream entity.  2.) corporate takeover of the media catering to the lowest common denominator in all mediums.  3.) the marriage of rock and rap. 4.) Blink 182.
  4.  As a Dylanologist and major fan of Bob Dylan, I would much rather have seen Kiss on the 1977 Love Gun tour than Blonde On Blonde-era Bob in 1966.
  5. While no new rock stars are being born, the ones who matter seem to be all dropping dead.
  6. If you don’t like Elvis Costello’s “Watching the Detectives,” you just might be an asshole.
  7.  At the age of 66, Bruce Springsteen will still outrock any artist or band half his age, and is by far still the greatest show you will ever see by anyone past or present, dead or alive… and I challenge any motherfucker who thinks otherwise to go see him live and come back and tell me differently.
  8. My two favorite Ozzy songs come out of the Jake E. Lee period.
  9. Festivals, while good exposure for new bands, are actually a symptom of just how unpopular rock has become.
  10. The Strokes were the last new band I got excited about.  Yes, it’s that bad!


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